Spa Cocoon

"Ultimate Wellness Machine"

Cocoon Fitness POD


The Cocoon Fitness POD offers multiple relaxation fitness and wellness benefits.

  • Ultimate Relaxation

  • Power Naps and Better Sleep

  • Burn up to 500 Calories

  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery Post-Workout

  • Relieve and Soothe Muscle Pain

  • Look and Feel Great


At the heart of the Cocoon Fitness POD is a dynamic dual-heat system that lets you precisely choose your ideal body temperature for maximum comfort and results. Infrared heat warms the body from the inside for deep muscle relaxation while the dry heat air brings relief from tension and stress for better restorative sleep.


Program Options

Low Heat: (Power Nap)

  • Promote Relaxation

  • Experience Calm

  • Stress Relief

  • Revitalize Mental Focus and Enhance Clarity

  • Rejuvenating Power Nap

  • Restore and Increase Energy

Medium Heat: (Wellness)

  • Pain Relief

  • Better Sleep

  • Enhance Health

  • Boost Energy

  • Improve Flexibility

High Heat: (Fitness/ Weight Management)

  • Holistic Body Detox

  • Manage Weight

  • Deep Heat Perspiration Helps Burn More Calories

  • Ultra-Relaxing Vibration Massage for Post-Workout Recovery

  • Complement Results for All Levels of Fitness


Cocoon Fitness POD Technology Features


Infrared (IR) Radiant Heat System

Soothing Multi-Level Vibration Massage

Cooling Face Air System with built-in Aroma Therapy and Himalayan Salt Air Breeze

(Ergonomic) Contour Bed

Calorie Indicator