The Glamour Hollywood Story

Our Mission: 

Glamour Hollywood Salon & Spa is revolutionary.  We are the newest trending thing of Hampton Roads.  The concept is new and exciting.  We are dedicated to building each individual customer’s self-esteem and boosting their ego a little higher.  We help fill their hearts with pride that allows them to leave our establishment holding their heads up high because they feel great about themselves and well satisfied with all the services we offer.  Upon entering Glamour Hollywood, they are greeted with royal class customer service.  Here they will receive their hair styled the way they want, unwanted hairs removed to the degree they feel most comfortable, the skin tanned to the shade that they prefer, and makeup applied professionally that is perfectly complementary to their face.  Finally, we seal the deal with a true Hollywood glamourous red-carpet scene photo shot.  Our customers come for more than our provided services; they come for the experience.